Want a New Look for Fall? Decorate with Accessories!

Thu, Aug 24, 2017 @ 12:09 PM

Decorating with accessories is a terrific way to give your home a little lift - without breaking the bank!

Any designer will tell you that rugs, art, sculptures, throw pillows and blankets can have a considerable influence. The trick is knowing how to use them.

First and foremost, choose quality items. While mass-produced items are plentiful and inexpensive, they aren't really what you want to surround yourself with. One or two quality pieces are far better than a vast array of run-of-the-mill pieces easily found in your local discount décor store. 

Quality home décor accessories will also stand the test of time far better than mass-produced items of inferior manufacture

Look for unique pieces. You're unique - reflect that in your personal environment.

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A stunning wall-mounted Impala
sculpted from recycled steel
is a unique piece you won't find just anywhere!

Consider the size of the space very carefully. Your décor accessories need to be proportionate to the room. A tiny rug in a huge room will look ridiculous. Or, for that matter, a huge painting in a tiny room will overpower the space. Scale and proportion of objects to the space they occupy is a basic tenet of good décor.

Don't get too "matchy matchy".  Seek balance but remember asymetrical placements are very attractive as well. Rather than flanking something with the same number of pieces on each side (like candlesticks or fine ceramic pieces), try a less "equal" approach to arrangement.  A good rule of thumb is to group smaller items in threes or fives.

We particularly like decorating with a bit of whimsy

Consider a small asymetrical grouping of soapstone wildlife carvings. This introduces the natural world in a fun, funky and inexpensive way. This group of Kisii Soapstone Sculptures will give you an idea.

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Start with the big stuff! And don't use a lot of it.

Place larger décor items into your space first. Then live with them for a few days to just get the feel of the room. Then layer in some medium size pieces and a few small accents (depending on the size of the room). Be careful not to over-decorate. Stuffing things into every corner will make your room look cluttered and busy.  Certainly not restful!

To get those pops of colour, restrain yourself to smaller décor pieces.  Bright, strong colours can be overwhelming if too large. When selecting larger pieces (like furniture, lighting, etc.) try to stick to more neutral (peaceful) colours and use pillows, candlesticks, ceramics, pictures, etc. to provide the colour in the room.

The nice thing about introducing bright, strong colours with smaller pieces is that smaller pieces tend to be less of an investment, therefore you can "change them up", either seasonally or, heck, just when the mood takes you.

Don't forget the kitchen and dining room!

We often don't stop to consider the use of décor accessories in our kitchens and dining areas as much as in living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, etc.  A fine ceramic butter dish, goofily good animal handle salad utensils, beautiful placements, are all good suggestions.

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A Fine Handcrafted Ceramic from
The Ardmore Collection

Open up your mind to items you might not consider to be "décor.  Books and magazines, baskets and bins. Natural things like grasses, pine cones, seashells or beach stones. All these items, when combines with a few quality pieces can boost your room's ambience. For example, a few unique candles can make a relatively inexpensive (yet lovely) display.

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Remember that your outdoor spaces need a change-up from time to time as well. The same tips apply. A nicely placed Moroccan Lamp, for example, can be purchased for a very reasonable price, yet goes a long way to sprucing up an outdoor (or indoor) space. Hang one from your pergola! We have a friend who hangs several from different height branches in a backyard tree. The effect is just stunning!


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Felt Birdhouses Shona Stone Sculpture Recycled Metal Wall Art

Fuel your imagination!

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And here's your biggest and most valuable tip if you're a retailer!

Help your customers make the most of their décor budget by offering them fun, delightful, unique décor items that will lift their spirits.  At prices that will lift your spirits!

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The Kabiria Collection Moroccan Lamps
Felt Birdhouses Shona Stone Sculpture

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