Jacob's Treasures - What a Treasure!

Wed, Mar 08, 2017 @ 01:44 PM

Billed on their website as "a magical experience for big kids and children alike", we have to say we've never seen a more interesting and interactive store!

Located in beautiful Hawkesbury, Ontario (on the Ottawa River and the border of Quebec), Jacob's Treasures is simply amazing. 

Zawadee is proud to count this astounding store as one of our newest retailers of Zawadee products.


Jacob's Treasures is .  .  .

  • An art gallery with an exclusive collection of internationally reknowned artists. You will find paintings from artists such as Anne-Marie Bost, Denise Harvey Desroches, Sandy Rourke, Jackie Jones, Andrée Francoeur, Lucille Grenier, Antonio de Thomasis, Randal Robinson, Mary Ellen Legault, and Alain Desrochers. 
  • A toy store just chock full of thousands of TY plush toys of all sorts.  Different species of animals - in various sizes and colours - from Beanie Babies to Beanie Buddies - from Girlz to Treasure Attics.  They have the largest selection in North America!
  • An antique store offering unique objects for every taste and budget.  You will find a vast selection of furniture, clocks, glassware, dishes, decorative accessories, pottery, toys, paintings, etc.  And here's the amazing part - they have new arrivals every single week.
  • A gift store extraordinaire! You won't fail to find that "perfect gift for that special person". Dolls, books, decorative plates, all sorts of angels, thousands (not kidding, thousands) of candles, bird houses, turtles ducks, cats, birds and on and on and on.
  • A Tea and Coffee House featuring a vast selection of gourmet teas, coffees, accessories, cups, coffee pots, tea sets and dishes.
  • A Specialty Grocery where you will find a lovely selection of gourmet products and confectionaries, bulk candy, exotic chocolates, hard candies and all sorts of treats for special events like Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween or (as we like to say) any day you need a treat!

    We were simply mesmerized and spent quite a lot of time standing in front of several works of art by Lucille Grenier.  This painting, below, is the one we simply adored.

Jacob's Treasures.jpg

Jacob's Treasures stocks our line of exotic Moroccan Lamps, ideal for the upcoming Spring and Summer outdoor living season. Just imagine how nice one of these would look on your patio or in a gazebo.


Whether you're a fiend for Teddy Bears, an art lover, a "coffee hound", an antique aficionado - or are simply interested in unique and entertaining shopping experiences, Jacob's Treasures is the place for you. We could spend days exploring this magical place and never see everything!


Jacob's Treasures is located in Hawkesbury, Ontario. We highly recommend visiting the area as it is both gorgeous and interesting. The luxurious Chateau Montebello is not far if you feel like pampering yourself (we highly recommend the experience).  Reasonably priced Bed and Breakfasts abound as well.  

Whether you live in the Hawkesbury area or just happen to be passing through, drop in and see this "magical store" and say hello. These are just the nicest people and they are always happy to chat and share their "treasures" with everyone. Kid-friendly, no matter what the age!

Jacob's Treasures/Les Trésors de Jacob
329 Main Street East
Hawkesbury, ON  K6A 1A7


Jacob's Treasures on the web
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Email Jacob's Treasures   |   info@lestresorsdejacob.ca

Zawadee is always on the lookout for retailers like Jacob's Treasures. Retailers who want to present high quality, unique products to their customers.

So, if you sell (or want to sell) beautiful fashion, home décor, jewelry, art & sculpture and home decor - get in touch!

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Penny Baldwin-French

Written by Penny Baldwin-French

Penny is the Chief Marketing Officer for Zawadee - Bring Africa Home. She enjoys bringing unique and beautiful products to market, is an avid kayaker and enjoys all things marketing.

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