Go Ahead - We Dare You - Monkey Around!

Thu, Aug 03, 2017 @ 02:02 PM

How many times (as a child) did you hear "Quit monkeying around"? 

Mandrill Platter Ardmore Fine Ceramics

Well, now we're telling you we think you should! The holidays are coming up fast and we can think of no better way to present your lovely holiday culinary creations than on our beautiful one-of-a-kind Mandrill Platter.

We guarantee this platter will be a conversation starter at your holiday table!

Mandrill Platter

The artisans at Ardmore create extraordinary fine ceramics - from platters to teapots - butter dishes to candlesticks - and more. 

Styled in an exuberant, exotic (even, may we say, whimsical style), the ceramics produced by this remarkable atelier are superb examples of design and craftsmanship.

Hand crafted with remarkable skill in The Ardmore Ceramics Studio, this Mandrill Platter is an heirloom quality piece that will be in your family for generations to come.



Kenneth Nkosinathi Msomi is the thrower/sculptor of this remarkable piece.  Nkosinathi means "God is with us". Kenneth Nkosinathi certainly shows a marked spirituality in the beautiful ceramics he produces in the Ardmore studios and particularly enjoys making trays and platters featuring African wildlife. Kenneth's works have been exhibited internationally and are collected worldwide.

The painter of this extraordinary platter is Mthulisi Ncube.  Mthulisi trained at the Mzilikazi Art Centre and worked as an artist, selling his oil on canvas paintings.  Mthulisi's work has exhibited at the "Just So Crocodile and Other Curiosity" in Hyde Park (Johannesburg) and at "Safari Week" at the prestigious Patrick Mavros gallery (London).


Often inspired by wildlife, Ardmore Ceramics have been exhibited in leading galleries and collections around the world, including The Museum of Art & Design in New York and The Museum of Cultures in Basel (Switzerland). 

Ardmore's modern art style breaks ceramic conventions, using techniques resulting from years of experimentation with materials and processes. The vibrant colours and enormous attention to detail are simply superb.

If you are an aficionado of ceramics or of unique artworks, take the time to explore our Ardmore Collection We guarantee it will produce a smile!

Learn more about Ardmore Ceramics and their talented artisans - watch this short video.

Ardmore Ceramics have been featured in a wide variety of publications including House & Leisure, Garden & Home, Condé Nast House & Garden, Living, Art Times, Country Life, Sunday Times Style, Elle Decor, Oprah's O and Wallpaper Magazine (just to name a few)



Let's learn about these colourful animals!

Mandrills are the largest of all monkeys. Shy and reclusive, they live only in the rain forests in equatorial Africa. Extremely colourful, they can easily be recognized by their red and blue facial skin and their brightly coloured bottoms! When mandrills get excited, their colours become brighter.

Mandrills eat fruit and roots, insects, reptiles and some amphibians. They can store food in their cheek pouches. Mandrills sleep in trees and live in troops headed by a dominant male. Often hunted as bushmeat, mandrills are sadly threatened at this time. Human contact and a spread of agriculture has shrunk their rain forest environment.

Please remember that Zawadee contributes 2% of the profit of all wildlife related species to charities supportive of endangered or vulnerable animals.

Watch this terrific National Geographic Video entitled (we kid you not!) - Why Do These Monkeys Have Big Colorful Butts? Enjoy!



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Penny Baldwin-French

Written by Penny Baldwin-French

Penny is the Chief Marketing Officer for Zawadee - Bring Africa Home. She enjoys bringing unique and beautiful products to market, is an avid kayaker and enjoys all things marketing.

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