How to throw the best tea party ever? Invite a Hyena!

Wed, Jul 19, 2017 @ 08:10 PM

If you want your guests to "tell the story" about the best tea party they ever attended, invite a Hyena to your table.

A Hyena Teapot from Ardmore Collection is the best conversation starter we've ever dreamt up!

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We've long been fans of Alice in Wonderland and all the fantastical teapots and cups that made their way to The Mad Hatter's Tea Party, so it wasn't a stretch for us to whoop with delight when we spyed this teapot.

John_Tenniel-_Alice's_mad_tea_party,_colour.jpgSource: Wikipedia, Creative Commons, labelled for reuse


Hand crafted with remarkable skill in The Ardmore Ceramics Studio, this Hyena is an heirloom quality piece that will be in your family for generations to come.



We think the painter of this bespoke ceramic teapot, Fiko Mfphusi has an astounding eye for colour and detail. Since 2002, Fiko has worked on a variety of Ardmore Ceramics, being mentored by Punch Shabalala (a leading Ardmore painter), whose footsteps Fiko aspires to follow. Fiko's work has been shown in every Ardmore exhibition since 2004. And again, what a family affair?! Fiko is one of three sisters who work together in the painting studio! We think Fiko's painting is a beautiful contribution to this lovely piece.


Often inspired by wildlife, Ardmore Ceramics have been exhibited in leading galleries and collections around the world, including The Museum of Art & Design in New York and The Museum of Cultures in Basel (Switzerland). 

Ardmore's modern art style breaks ceramic conventions, using techniques resulting from years of experimentation with materials and processes. The vibrant colours and enormous attention to detail are simply superb.

If you are an aficionado of ceramics or of unique artworks, take the time to explore our Ardmore CollectionWe guarantee it will produce a smile!

Learn more about Ardmore Ceramics and their talented artisans - watch this short video.

Ardmore Ceramics have been featured in a wide variety of publications including House & Leisure, Garden & Home, Condé Nast House & Garden, Living, Art Times, Country Life, Sunday Times Style, Elle Decor, Oprah's O and Wallpaper Magazine (just to name a few)



Now, let's learn some more about African Hyenas.

Sadly depicted as scavengers, hyenas are actually skillful hunters. 

Hyenas are widespread and found in most habitats. Spotted hyenas are found in all habitats, including savannas, grasslands, woodlands, forest edges, subdeserts, and even mountains up to 13,000 ft.

As human populations expand and growth of agriculture, settlements, and roads results, wildlife is losing space in which it was previously able to roam freely.


Source:  Wikipedia, Creative Commons, labelled for reuse

 Hyena's traditionally get a bad rap! Visit Mental Floss to learn
12 Wild Facts About Hyenas

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