Time to Spruce Up for Fall? It's Just Natural!

Fri, Sep 08, 2017 @ 11:16 AM

Fall is nature's second "rejuvenating period". Just like Spring, in the fall our thoughts naturally turn to refreshing, cleaning, sprucing things up.


And there's a psychological history behind this instinct! In our prehistory, it was natural to make sure that everything was safe and in order before cold weather set in. Our intimate connection with nature dictates our behaviour!

We use the design of spaces and objects we place in our environment to communicate who we are and how we feel.

We "read" someone's environment as a quick assessment of who they are. This contributes to the urge to clean and refresh that comes over us in the autumn months.

Here are some tips to think of when the "fall bug" grabs you!

  • When making decisions about what to use to freshen up your environment, keep in mind what gives you joy. Look for accents and artwork that lift your spirits and make you smile.
  • Fall is a great time for reflection - meditation. So think about creating spaces that stimulate thought and create a sense of peace - or whimsy - or joy - or all of those things!
  • Many of us experience a sense of renewal accompanied by a boost of energy in the autumn season. This means your heightened sense of alertness should help you to connect to your preferences, desires, etc.  A good time to make choices about your surroundings!
  • You don't need to make a slew of additions or changes. Just one item that delights you is enough to stimulate positive thoughts!
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Felt Bird House


And here's your biggest and most valuable tip if you're a retailer!

Help your customers make the most of the fall season by offering them fun, delightful, unique outdoor décor items that will lift their spirits.  At prices that will lift your spirits!

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Penny Baldwin-French

Written by Penny Baldwin-French

Penny is the Chief Marketing Officer for Zawadee - Bring Africa Home. She enjoys bringing unique and beautiful products to market, is an avid kayaker and enjoys all things marketing.

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