The Ultimate Cheat Sheet:  Purchasing African Sculptures

By Mustafa Salemwalla on Wed, Dec 09, 2015 @ 11:53 AM

The Popularity of African Sculptures

The way we choose to decorate our homes today is very different than how our parents’ homes were decorated. While art has always been an important part of décor, it is more common today for homeowners to take more leeway, often incorporating unique and eye catching pieces of art. As a result, African sculpture is more frequently encountered in home decor.

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Get To Know Africa Series: Wildlife Abounds In the Kenyan Lake System of the Great Rift Valley

By Penny Baldwin-French on Sat, May 09, 2015 @ 06:48 PM

Imagine seeing upwards of a million and a half vibrant-colored flamingos congregated on the shores of a single lake.

Well, it’s not an uncommon occurrence in the Kenyan Lake System of the Great Rift Valley.

The Kenyan landscape is dotted with 64 lakes.  And nestled near the equator are three very special lakesLake Bogoria, Lake Nakuru and Lake Elementaita.

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Soapstone Carvings by the Kisii People of Kenya

By Penny Baldwin-French on Tue, Jan 20, 2015 @ 02:48 PM

African carvings have become very popular décor items in recent years. With people taking more of an interest in global art forms, and with the rise in popularity of abstract sculptures, this type of art is popping up in homes, offices and galleries across North America.

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A particular type of African carving that is particularly alluring are handmade soapstone carvings from Kenya. While soapstone has been used for years as a carving material, it is the Kisii stone that is most desirable.

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A Guide to Family Tree Style Makonde Sculptures

By Penny Baldwin-French on Tue, Oct 21, 2014 @ 08:43 PM

 One of the most popular and fascinating forms of Makonde art is sculpture – especially Makonde Family Tree sculptures. These pieces have become extremely popular today with art collectors and homeowners alike. Considering they come in many shapes, sizes, and types of carvings, it’s not surprising they are popping up all over the world.

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