Symbols Jewellery - Trinidad & Tobago - What A Success!

Sun, Feb 12, 2017 @ 01:32 PM

"Jewellery is a living art" says Seema Persad, Co-Founder of Symbols Jewellery in Trinidad & Tobago.


And Seema's business is thriving in the Carribean! At Zawadee, we think her success has a lot to do with her tagline - "Speak from the heart".  Seema does, and it shows!

Symbols Jewellery sells uniquely handcrafted jewellery that either tells a significant story, or has a deep-rooted history. Seema believes the jewellery story "speaks" to those who wear it. We couldn't agree more!

The Koumama Collection of fine silver Tuareg jewellery is one of Symbol's most successful product lines.

Tuareg Cross.pngTuareg Silver Cross Necklace

Seema believes the beauty of Tuareg Fine Silver creates an emotional affinity with her customers as the moving stories of each piece of Tuareg Jewelry are fascinating. The fact that the Koumamas have been perfecting their silversmith art for over 25 generations is astounding and shows in the superb execution and intricate designs of their work.

Learn more about Seema's innovative jewellery from this feature article from The Guardian.

Zawadee is proud to count Symbols Jewellery as one of their foremost purveyors of fine silver Tuareg designs and wishes Seema and her team the very best success!


Fine Silver Tuareg Cuff Style Bracelet


At Zawadee, we admire and seek out retail partnerships who have these "personal instincts" about their customer relationships. It's exactly the way we think!

Believe it or not, Seema's MBA Thesis was "Marketing the Emotion of Symbolic Jewellery", so we know she truly appreciates the fascinating symbolism - the mythology - the stories - that surround Tuareg Fine Silver pieces.

If you live in beautiful Trinidad & Tobago, or are just lucky enough to be passing through, give Seema a call. We guarantee you'll enjoy the experience!  Shop online for elegant pieces from the Koumama Collection and your orders will be delivered directly to your door.  You can also Like Symbols Jewellery on their Facebook page and sign up for newsletter updates for upcoming information about future pop-up shop locations across Trinidad & Tobago.

Symbols Jewellery
phone:        868-798-1372

Zawadee is always on the lookout for retailers like Symbols Jewellery. Retailers who want to present high quality, unique products to their customers.

So, if you sell (or want to sell) beautiful fashion, home décor, jewelry, art & sculpture and home decor - get in touch!

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And now for a little comfort!

Find a product isn’t selling in your retail environment? You can swap it for product of equal value at any time within 6 months of order date. Hassle-free help to find the right products for your retail environment.

That's how we make our wholesale business stand out from the crowd!

Want to find out more? Give Brian or Perri a shout.

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If you aren't in the Trinidad & Tobago area and want to shop for beautiful Tuareg Fine Silver and other beautiful products, please visit Zawadee

Penny Baldwin-French

Written by Penny Baldwin-French

Penny is the Chief Marketing Officer for Zawadee - Bring Africa Home. She enjoys bringing unique and beautiful products to market, is an avid kayaker and enjoys all things marketing.

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