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Mon, Jan 30, 2017 @ 09:46 AM

"I love clothes and I love to shop", says Debbie Noel, Zawadee's newest retailer.

And her namesake store, Debbie Noel Women's Fashions, is a showcase of Debbie's fashion sense! As she says, her love of shopping is a real asset, as she puts a lot of time into sourcing high quality merchandise for her customers.

Debbie's store is located in the heart of downtown Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Originally a small shop with a large selection of merchandise, the store has recently moved to new, expanded premises, allowing Debbie to widen her offering to include décor items, giftware, crafts and collectables.  "People who like nice clothes, also like to purchase nice things for their homes and for their friends".  We have to agree, Debbie!

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Debbie's customer relationships are of paramount importance to her business.

She says wherever she is, when she encounters something "different", she asks herself "is that something appropriate for the shop?" - or "Would that look good on . . .?".

At Zawadee, we admire and seek out retail partnerships who have these "personal instincts" about their customer relationships. It's exactly the way we think!

Head to Debbie's to see Zawadee Sandals, pashminas and cowls. Debbie says these items complement many of the clothes she carries and the quality and prices are terrific. "I am really looking forward to showing these items to my customers".



If you live in Nova Scotia or just happen to be passing through, stop by and see Debbie. We guarantee you'll enjoy the experience!

Debbie Noel - Women's Used & New Fashions
210 Main Street,
Liverpool, Nova Scotia

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Zawadee is always on the lookout for retailers like Debbie Noel. Retailers who want to present high quality, unique products to their customers.

So, if you sell (or want to sell) beautiful fashion, home décor, jewelry, art & sculpture and home decor - get in touch!

Get Catalog Access

It's easy to get access to our online Wholesale Catalog (and pricing). Just register and we'll send you access credentials. We're not pushy, so take your time to peruse our products at your leisure. We will reach out at some point in case you need anything but don't worry, we aren't pests! It's just not the way we do business.

And now for a little comfort!

Find a product isn’t selling in your retail environment? You can swap it for product of equal value at any time within 6 months of order date. Hassle-free help to find the right products for your retail environment.

That's how we make our wholesale business stand out from the crowd!

Want to find out more? Give Brian or Perri a shout.

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Penny Baldwin-French

Written by Penny Baldwin-French

Penny is the Chief Marketing Officer for Zawadee - Bring Africa Home. She enjoys bringing unique and beautiful products to market, is an avid kayaker and enjoys all things marketing.

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