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A Place for Everything and Everything in Its Place - Fashionably

Reticule. Purse. Handbag. The terms basically mean the same thing and each serves the same basic purpose: to hold stuff. However, these practical accessories also fulfill other purposes as accompaniments to fashion, status symbols, and organizational aids. Zawadee offers the of fine leather handbags that hits the multiple purposes today’s women expect from their practical accessories!

Handbag History

Before the Middle Ages, men and women carried bags and purses because clothing didn’t come with integrated pockets. In the 16th century, tailors introduced pockets to men’s clothing. Women attached pockets separately underneath their skirts, but access proved a bit inconvenient. Thus, purses evolved into a feminine accessory in which ladies carried small utensils, keys, money, and sewing tools.

Early purses basically took the form of a bag dangling from a strap or cord. Usually made of fabric or leather, handbag materials, shapes, and designs changed with the introduction of papier-mâché, iron and polished steel in the 19th century.

The 20th century brought new mobilization to the population, which necessitated the practical need to tote a variety of items between work and home and special events. Purses changed to meet those needs, from beaded clutches just large enough to carry a comb, keys, lipstick, and a little bit of money to portfolios that held notebooks, folders, books, and other business-oriented materials. The need to organize contents took high priority. The 20th century also applied the status symbol of branding with fashion houses from Chanel to Vera Wang, and others jumping on the bandwagon to take advantage of this niche market and commanding top prices for their fashionable accessories. 

A Bag to Match Your Need

Because handbags need to meet a variety of needs, they come in a variety of sizes, styles, and materials. Best combining durability and style, Zawadee offers bags made from Egyptian leather. Soft and tough, luxurious to the touch, sized and shaped to suit the need, these bags take you from the office to the shopping mall. The Ladysmith handbag features a classic shape with a roomy zippered pocket—zippered for security. The zipper keeps everything inside the bag and deters sneaky pickpockets from slipping their sticky fingers where they can reach your valuables.

Features a “flap-over” style which protects the bag’s contents from both sticky fingers and the elements. A handsome brass clasp secures the flap to keep contents in place. The messenger bag includes divided compartments, a large exterior pocket, and a zippered interior pocket for efficient organization of contents—no more digging in the bottom of your purse to find your keys or wallet. The wide leather strap slides over the shoulder for easy carrying.

When a purse just isn't large enough, this bag allows storage for your e-reader, a small laptop, folders, notebooks, and more. Like the messenger bag, but larger, it has a place for everything for efficient access and organization. This briefcase, designed for busy business travelers in particular, features a luggage suspension strap to secure the bag to other pieces of luggage and a wide, adjustable-length carrying strap for comfort.

Women’s clothing seldom includes functional pockets, so women, especially, continue to carry handbags. Zawadee has you covered with practical, fashionable options that enable you to carry what you need with style.

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