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Blog / Africa Diaspora

Exploring the Global Migrations of African Peoples

Our blog series exploring the peoples and cultures of Africa has been such a success with our readers, we thought you might be interested in a series of publications available from the Harriet Tubman Institute - about the Global Migrations of African Peoples. We have found these publications to be immensely interesting as we learn about where African people migrated to (willingly or unwillingly) and, more positively, about the tremendous influences in music, arts and customs they brought to bear.

We enjoy learning about and celebrating the positive effects of the African Diaspora. It has made us look at art, music and cuisine differently. We have come to more readily recognize the sounds, the sights and the tastes of Africa that are all around us! Especially pertinent to our recent blog - The Yoruba of Sub-Saharan Africa, is the publication seen above - The Yoruba Diaspora is the Atlantic World . There are many other publications currently available and a list of upcoming publications as well. "The Harriet Tubman Series explores the African Diaspora in historical and contemporary times. It is named after Harriet Tubman (c. 1820-1913), who as a young woman fled slavery to help others escape to Canada on the Underground Railroad and subsequently fought in the U.S. Civil War to end slavery. The Tubman Series examines all aspects of the global migrations of African peoples, whether under conditions of slavery, or more recently as a product of the postcolonial conditions of the global society." Don't miss any of our articles, blogs, updates or recipes! Sign up for email updates.

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