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Choosing The Best Natural Fiber That Suits You..

Zawadee features a colorful array of fashion scarves, wraps, blankets, and throws all fabricated from merino wool, mohair, or bamboo. How do you choose which fiber best suits you? We break it down the fiber characteristics for you so you can make a choice you’ll love.
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Do You Know Where the Angora in Your Scarf or Shawl Comes From?

With a crisp chill in the air and snow under our feet, many of us are searching our wardrobes for something to wear that will increase warmth without making us look like the Michelin Man!

Do you ever wonder where the Angora fabric in your winter sweater and scarves comes from? You may be surprised! The mohair in our beautiful scarves, shawls, pashminas or cowls comes from Angora goats raised on the Rosecraft farm/textile atelier in the small country of Swaziland in Africa.

Our entire collection of scarves and shawls is created by the talented artisans of Rosecraft, a unique textile atelier. Specifically, the mohair comes from Angora goats raised on their farm, and a special color recipe is used in the dying of the fibers, creating a truly unique look you can’t get anywhere else.

Mohair – A Highly Desirable Luxury Fiber

Mohair is one of the most desirable fabrics. It is known for its unique combination of strength and softness, something that is only produced by Angora goats. According to the Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association, “A good mohair fleece will be characterized by locks or bunches of mohair fibers held together by the curl of the fleece, with a light sheen of oil and a good long staple. Angora goats produce as much as an inch of fiber a month. Since Angora goats are usually shorn twice a year, fleeces have a four to six inch staple.”

About Tsandza

“Our designs have an African soul but are inspired by international trends: the results are distinctive creations for individuals who appreciate the uniqueness of handmade pieces.”

Founded more than 35 years ago, Tsandza began as a hobby and has evolved into one of the most unique businesses in Africa. In a country where the overwhelming majority of the population lives in poverty, Rosa Roques’ vision has enabled talented local artisans to provide for their families. Tsandza started as a small workshop and today has become a successful business that employs more than 40 local women who produce products locally and internationally. Tsandza’s mission is “to create employment opportunities and a sustainable income for the women who work for us, and to be internationally recognized for our luxurious, handmade products.”

And the most unique thing about Tsandza - the Angora in their textiles comes from their own goats they raise on their farm.

Making everything by hand, the artisans weave, crochet and knit a variety of house and home wares, clothing and fashion accessories. Everything is made from pure natural fibers of mohair, as well as organically grown cotton, bamboo, wool and silk.


Tsandza is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) and the Swaziland Fair Trade Organization (SWIFT), and uses its success to support a number of local community projects helping to provide clean drinking water and collaboration with local schools. Learn more about Tsandza and how Zawadee helps to micro-fund their employment and training initiatives. You might also like to read about how our bamboo fashion textiles are created. Please read our blog. 

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