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Blog / September Birthstone

The History and Mystery of Sapphire - The September Birthstone

Sapphires get their name from the Latin word sapphirus which means blue. Often referred to as "the gem of the heavens" or the "celestial gem", sapphires mirror the colour of the sky at certain times of day. Rubies are the red version of the mineral corundum - just like sapphire..

We love sapphires (in fact it is my birthstone) and are very happy to say that our collection of sapphires are simply exquisite! If you have a Virgo in your circle of friends or family, consider treating them to one of our sapphires for their birthday.

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  • Psychologically, blue is linked to sympathy, calmness and loyalty.
  • Legend has it that Prometheus (the rival of Zeus) was the first to wear sapphire.

The bible mentions sapphire as being one of the twelve "stones of fire" given to Moses. Sapphire is also one of the twelve gemstones set into the foundation of the city walls of Jerusalem and is associated with the Apostle St. Paul.

In India, it was believed that if a sapphire was immersed in water, it made an elixir that would cure scorpion and snake bites. As well, it was believed that wearing sapphire protected one against evil spirits.

Ancient Persians believed sapphire was a chip from the pedestal that supported the earth and that the reflection is what made the sky blue!

For several hundred years, sapphires were a popular choice for engagement and wedding rings. Remember Princess Diana's beautiful 18 carat sapphire?

Sapphires and rubies are identical except for their colour. Sapphires range in colour from pastel blues to deep midnight blue. The word corundum is believed to be derived from three ancient Tamil, Hindi and Sanskrit words for rubies and sapphires - kurundam, kurund or kuruvinda.

Sapphires have been associated with royalty for over 2,000 years. At one time only the extremely wealthy could afford them!

In ancient times, a gift of sapphire was a pledge of trust, honesty, purity and loyalty. This may be why sapphires have traditionally been a popular choice for an engagement ring.

Sapphires from Sri Lanka were mentioned in the Tales of the Arabian Nights as well as in the Travels of Marco Polo.

During the Middle Ages, it was thought that sapphires preserved chastity, discovered fraud and treachery, protected the wearer from plague, fever and skin diseases and resisted Black Magic. Quite a lot to expect from one gemstone!

  • The seal stone in King Solomon's ring was said to have been a sapphire.
  • We hope you've enjoyed our "history and mystery" of sapphires.

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