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This Young Man Is A Shining Example: How An 11 Year Old Helped In The Fight Against Multiple Sclerosis

"Don't tell me the sky's the limit when there are footprints on the moon" (Paul Brandt). Zawadee - Bring Africa Home sponsored the Spokes & Folks Team in the recent London to Grand Bend "Gear Up to End MS" ride. Doing so was a life-enriching experience for our entire Zawadee family.

We also had an astounding experience that transcended everything else that happened that weekend. We had the youngest rider in a field of 1,710 cyclists - Ali Salemwalla - 11 years of age. A delightful young man, Ali is Mustafa Salemwalla's (our CEO) nephew.

We were so taken aback that such a young person was equal to completing the 150 km ride, we almost missed a great opportunity . . . to find out why Ali was so committed to this cause. So we asked him, and discovered a young man with an extraordinary sense of commitment AND purpose that knocked us off our feet. Please view the video to find out how - and why - Ali made the decision to challenge himself for the benefit of others. It will both encourage you to do more yourself and warm your heart at the same time.

We hope you are as inspired and amazed with Ali's achievement as we are. Please consider sponsoring our Spokes & Folks Team for next year's Gear Up to Fight MS Ride or perhaps join the ride yourself. We know Ali would be pleased to see your support and in turn, you would be paying it forward, perhaps inspiring other young people to "reach for the sky" themselves!

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