Empowerment builds strength

Empowerment is a life changing tool. It can change mindsets, create growth, and affect change. Zawadee, through our empowerment initiative, is giving back to African artisans, entrepreneurs and students by providing an opportunity to create organic, sustainable commerce. We are committed to assisting to help individuals and groups to start (and grow) local businesses. African countries have, for too long, been dependent on financial aid to help drive their economies. While aid does help, it provides temporary relief and does not solve long term problems.

Empowerment is about putting the power in the hands of the people and giving them the knowledge and tools to become self-sufficient now and sustain their growth into the future.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;
teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Chinese Proverb

“With so many resources available in the continent, Zawadee would like to increase the ability for self-reliance by creating a marketplace for African artisans and entrepreneurs. The ability to provide access to markets in North America will help to create a self-sustaining income for talented, entrepreneurial people”

         – says Mustafa, CEO of Zawadee


Zawadee believes it is more effective to teach someone how to do something rather than do it for them. We believe our approach will have a longer lasting, long-term and sustainable impact on African culture.

Providing opportunity strengthens entrepreneurialism and shifts focus and mentality to making things happen for themselves.


Zawadee micro-funds one deserving candidate per region, per year. Candidates can be a individual artist, a group of artisans or a student. This micro-funding assists with the purchase of materials and equipment to start their own business or, in the case of students, assists with tuition or associated expenses.

Through their relationship with Zawadee, artists and entrepreneurs will have a sales channel for their handicrafts and artwork. They will have access to the global marketplace and access to advice and educational business resources.


Our goal is to empower the African artistic community, by providing them with the opportunity to create sustainable income for the long term.

Zawadee believes empowerment happens when you help to provide the tools and resources people need to succeed.

Mustafa Salemwalla
CEO Zawadee

Current Micro-Funding Campaigns



Zawadee greatly admires the efforts charity: water is making to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet. That’s why we make a monthly donation to PIPELINE – “a system of local leaders, innovative technology and trained mechanics all working together to keep water flowing at charity:water projects around the world.  ”PIPELINE donations help fund:

  • Local maintenance and repair programs
  • Innovative pilot projects and research
  • Tools, training and equipment for local partners


When started in 1979 as a small workshop in Swaziland, is nowadays a thriving business, employing over 40 rural women, empowering them through skills training and fair wages. Rosecraft creates beautiful textile accessories and home décor items, blooming with the vibrant colours of Africa.

Zawadee’s micro-funding project lends a helping hand with Rosecraft’s skills training through mentorship program.


The Arusha Street Children Project in Tanzania helps disadvantaged children and adults!  Funds generated through the sale of stunningly beautiful table décor provides educational opportunities to needy children and employs over 50 women with a much needed income.

Zawadee is pleased to sponsor The Arusha Street Children Project. Education and entrepreneurialism are pillars of sustainable success!