Artistic creativity helps orphans and street children in Tanzania.
Through the creativity of Handcrafted Maasai Beading,
produced by The Arusha Street Children Project,
disadvantaged children benefit.

As well, this remarkable micro-project employs over 50 women, making a much needed income possible.
Funds generated through the sale of these beautiful products provides
educational opportunities to orphans and street children in Tanzania.


The founder of The Arusha Street Children Project,
Sonia Hanspaul Vijen,
  was born and bred in Tanzania. Sonia realized many children desperately needed better educational opportunities. She created the project to change lives by providing basic needs and nurturing to needy children. The children have an opportunity to benefit from an education and an environment in which they learn to communicate effectively, hopefully moving on to higher education and the chance to create a stable environment for themselves in the future. Sonia refers to the program as Our Journey For Hope!

Another wonderful benefit is that disadvantaged women in Arusha, Tanzania are employed as hand beaders to produce the beautiful table mats and napkin rings.  Due to the talent of these beading artisans, over 500 unique designs are now available.



The funds generated help The Arusha Street Children Project sponsor more children.
Sonia believes that this creates an opportunity to achieve a successful life,
become proud citizens of Tanzania and, in turn, increase growth and prosperity.


Zawadee – Bring Africa Home, is happy to say we’ve selected this deserving micro-project to benefit from our micro-funding efforts. We believe that education and entrepreneurialism are pillars of sustainable success!

These unique handcrafted table décor packages consists of a central table runner, 6 place mats, 6 matching napkins and napkin rings.


charity: water

We donate 2% of all sales to charity: water 
a non-profit organization bringing clean,safe drinking water to people in developing nations.