You know it is Spring when the Robin Comes Bobbin' Along!
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 Hi There,

Spring is here!

Hard to believe, but where we are it is warm enough to be outside with just a light sweater or jacket. We're taking our first bicycle spin of the season this afternoon.

While tuning up our bikes, I thought about how spring is the time for renewal, refreshing - fixing things up after the wear of winter weather. Have a look through our website for all sorts of pick-me-ups - fashion, jewelry and home décor.


 We knew it was Spring when the Red, Red, Robin came Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along!

We weren't quick enough to get a picture of the robin that appeared in our back yard but this one gives you the general idea.  Got to learn to keep the camera handy!


We launched this special on our Kikoy Kiondo Handbags last month.  We had no idea how much you'd like them.  They've been flying out the door ever since.  So, we're extending the discount until the end of April.  

Get yours soon as we're running low on stock.  More are coming in but won't be 15% off after April 30th.  They are the perfect Spring wardobe booster and a great gift for any young (or young at heart) lady.



Well, Diamonds aren't our best friends, but we sure do like them!


And at 15% off, you can get friendly with one of our lovely diamond gemstones!  

Diamonds have a long history as beautiful objects of desire.

The world’s love of diamonds had its start in India, where diamonds were gathered from the country’s rivers and streams.  You don’t have to go that far!  We have gorgeous genuine diamond gemstones at marvelous prices.  Starting at a mere $149.00, our diamonds are very affordable additions to your gemstone collection.

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Earth Day is Wednesday, April 22nd.  We couldn't think of a better way of celebrating and encouraging respect for the environment than by introducing you to our Art On Banana Fiber Paper.


Celebrate Earth Day with beautiful artwork on eco-friendly banana fiber paper. 
Once bananas are harvested, the tree stems are usually discarded.  Instead, eco-friendly banana fiber paper can be produced.  The fibers in the paper produce a beautiful texture for these unique pieces.


Don't forget to register for Birthstone Bonanza Club for your chance to win a minimum 1 carat gemstone.

How does it work?  Just tell us your birth month.  Voila - you're a club member!  Once a month some lucky club member will win their birthstone - minimum stone size 1 carat.  


Birthstone Bonanza Club Members will also receive advance notice of new gemstone releases and special "member only" discounts throughout the year.  Birthstone Bonanza winners will be announced each month so register and then stay tuned.




We have beautiful gemstones and birthstones at amazing prices.

Choose from aquamarines, peridot, garnets, sapphires, opals, tanzanites and more.




The Tree of Life

Here's a wonderful opportunity to acknowledge family spirituality with a Makonde Tree of Life at 50% off regular price.

The Makonde Tree of Life style of sculpture evokes family spirituality and adds a warm touch to your décor.  Often carved from one solid piece of African Blackwood (Mpingo), these beautiful, uniquely hand carved pieces demonstrate Makonde art at its very best.



Get a Great Deal on Sandals with our BOGO (Buy 1, Get 1) offer.  Whether you're planning a cruise or thinking forward to summer, now's the time to pick up these beautiful beaded sandals.





Mustafa Salemwalla, CEO


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Cover Photo Source: photo credit: a robin in the 'hood via photopin (license)

We've made your gift shopping incredibly easy with our "Shop By Region" feature.

Select from any of the five major regions of Africa to see products by geographical origin.


If you need a little Earth Day Inspiration, we'd like to share this lovely little video we came across,  by Michael Knight. The video is gorgeous and inspirational and we love the soundtrack as well.

Michael originally created this for Earth Day 2012, but uses the video to promote Earth Day every year (So please ignore the Earth Day 2012 on the video. (c) 2012-2014 Michael Knight. 

Source:  Michael Knight -