Tsandza Weaving – Swaziland


Necessity is  the mother of invention!

What do you do when the skills training required
for your entrepreneurial business doesn’t exist?

That’s the position one of Zawadee’s most valued suppliers - Tsandza Weaving - was in.
Their highly skilled workforce had been with the business since the very early days
– 25 to 40 years in Swaziland!

mohair scarves shawls handwoven handwoven cotton scarf
cotton scarves handwoven bamboo scarves and shawls silk scarf

A requirement for more weavers and spinners existed – both highly specialised skills.
Unfortunately, Swaziland has no schools or colleges teaching the weaving crafts.  What to do?

That’s when Tsandza came up with an amazingly
ingenious and holistic solution.

They identified several candidates who may have lacked the skill sets but, importantly, had the right work ethic and positive attitude to learning. Now, the most experienced artisans (who are semi-retired) are training the new employees – and, earning some part-time income!
A win/win for all concerned!

A buddy system was also put in place to support the
training environment

More experienced workers act as mentors to student workers. As Kerry James (President of Rosecraft) says, “We have created a learning environment at Rosecraft that we’re very proud of. More experienced artisans are training and mentoring student workers. A side benefit is that cooperation, pride in our product and morale have also increased.”

hand weaving

Matching experienced full time artisans with trainees provides the skill sets and competencies necessary to ensure the high level of product quality Rosecraft Weaving has represented for decades!

Working with gorgeous fibres and an inspired colour palette, Rosecraft Weaving produces some of the finest garments and home décor we’ve ever encountered!

weaving and knitting techniques

Zawadee participates in Rosecraft Weaving’s training program by providing micro-funding support.

We are happy to do so as we, in turn, benefit.
We’re proud to offer Rosecraft Weaving’s high quality, beautiful products!

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Bring Africa Home with a beautiful woven garment or home décor item from Rosecraft Weaving.

charity: water

We donate 2% of all sales to charity: water  a non-profit organization bringing clean, safe drinking water to people in developing nations.

charity water wells for clean drinking water